"Sarah showed our lovely dog Buster so much love and affection, he was always really pleased to see her on her visits every 6 weeks. 

Buster suffered with his cruciate ligaments in both of his back legs so he carried a lot of his body weight on his front and his neck was always very tense and tight.  Sarah worked on both his back legs and his neck and chest so that she eased the pain all over.  He was always a bit more chirpy a couple of days after a visit and seemed to be a lot more comfortable and at ease. 


Sarah uses a therapy bed and once the dog leaves the bed she will not chase them to come back she just allows them to have a wander round and come back in their own time so they are not forced to have anything done they do not wish. 


Buster learnt really quickly what it was he liked, he very rarely left the bed and if he did he wasn’t long returning.  He used to lean right into Sarah whilst she was working on him and if he wanted a different part of his body done he would just move around until he got her where he wanted her. 


Sarah came to us for a case study (recommended through the vets) but spoke of setting up her own business this year, we would have definitely have booked Sarah up as it made such a difference to Buster’s life but unfortunately we lost him on the 3rd January,  his disc went in his back and his back legs were paralysed. 


Such a friendly, bubbly lady who we would definitely recommend for your pets x"

Julie talking about the superstar Buster, referred from Toachim House Veterinary Surgery https://www.medivet.co.uk/vet-practices/faversham/ 



I first met Sarah in 2018 after a referral from my vet at Cinque Ports to help treat my collie Mollie, who was suffering with bad arthritic joints. 

At our first meeting she explained the principles of the treatment in great depth and I was very impressed with her high level of specialist knowledge, behavioural understanding and canine anatomy in terms of movement. It was obvious that Mollies welfare was her primary concern and took priority over everything.

It concerned me a little being a choice led treatment as Mollie can be a very- (on my terms dog), however Sarah was incredibly patient and after a few visits Mollie would stay on the treatment bed long enough for some much needed manipulation.

Sarah included me in Mollies treatment and management plan throughout, sharing her vast knowledge, giving me some behavioural understanding of her problems and showing me some techniques I was safe to use on Mollie between treatments.

Mollie soon began to enjoy her treatments and the change in her was remarkable.


Her painful stiff body became more flexible and she was like a puppy on her walks. She could even shake her coat from head to tail-which was something she hadn’t been able to do for a while.

Sarah is an amazing, lovely, genuine and sincere person and my only regret is that we hadn’t met her sooner. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any dog owner.

Christine talking about the magnificent Mollie, referred from Cinque Ports https://cinqueportsvets.co.uk/



My dog was kindly added to Sarah’s myotherapy programme last year.


He has a complex back problem, which displayed itself as sciatic pain and twitching.

Sarah was completely wonderful for a number of reasons.


Firstly she went over and above to clarify what exactly was happening for my dog. Secondly, she delivered a secure and friendly treatment programme.

Thirdly, Sarah consistently followed up each session with total care and commitment. 

Finally, Sarah ensured we had a clear and comprehensive plan to move forward with and has always made herself available to us at any time afterwards.


My dog loved her, and her care and control in her treatment was invaluable to

His current stable and healthy state. 

Huge thanks and gratitude. C. Winstanley.  Beautiful Billy, referred from Toachim House Veterinary Surgery




Sarah has been treating my 13 year old Border Collie for 4 months now on a monthly basis. She is a retired agility dog.

Although to me, she seemed fit and well, I was unaware of how stiff she actually was.

After 2 treatments she was much more loose on her walks and moving much easier. She went into a sit much quicker too.

I am totally amazed as to how the massage has changed Saffi's life. She is a much happier dog and gives my young pup a run for his money now.

I took to Sarah straight away. Her friendly manner and love for animals was apparent.

Sarah treats her on a large foam mat on the floor and she is free to get off and stop treatment at any time.

Saffi is nice and relaxed on the mat now and loves being treated.  I will definitely carry on with the massages.

Referred from Medivet in Tenterden https://www.medivet.co.uk/vet-practices/tenterden/



Sarah was recommended to us by our local vet at Cinque Ports Vets. 


Hugo, our Golden Retriever puppy, had been suffering from a lameness in one leg from very early on in his life.  Hugo took to Sarah quickly and responded well to the treatment. 


Sarah was brilliant at giving feedback and gave me some tips to help him at home.


She was also happy to refer him on to other treatments when needed.  Between Sarah’s work and his physio we have seen great improvement. 


Highly recommended.

Referred by https://cinqueportsvets.co.uk/lydd/