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The Metta Pet Clinic


Welcome to the Metta Veterinary Acupuncture and Myotherapy Clinic.  At Metta, I provide veterinary acupuncture and Galen™ myotherapy (a type of clinical massage) to ease your pet's pain and improve their mobility in a relaxed, purposely designed space.    


My aim is for a visit to Metta to be a positive experience both for you and your pet - their comfort and wellbeing is my priority.  


Services at Metta

Most insurance companies cover acupuncture and myotherapy but it is advisable to give them a call to confirm.

Veterinary Acupuncture
Initial consultation and first treatment

Allow 70-90 minutes

The initial consultation involves reviewing your pet's relevant medical history, a pain assessment examination, time to discuss any concerns you may have and the first acupuncture treatment.

Subsequent acupuncture treatments

Allow 45-60mins

Subsequent visits involve assessment and treatment, addressing differing needs as they occur. Includes regular updates to your primary care Veterinary surgeon.

Galen Myotherapy
Initial myotherapy assessment including home visit 

Allow 60-90 mins

The initial consultation usually takes place at your home at a time that suits us both.  This gives us the opportunity to discuss your pet's history in detail whilst allowing me to observe them within their own home.  An essential part of myotherapy involves identifying any adaptations that can be made to your pet's environment and lifestyle that will have positive long term effects on their mobility and wellbeing.  It also provides a familiar place for your pet to meet me for the first time and I take this opportunity to assess their mobility, gait and posture.   If for any reason it is easier to conduct this first appointment at the clinic let me know.
Myotherapy sessions

Allow 45-60 mins

Myotherapy treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of your pet.  I work with them at ground level using massage and other manual techniques.  This treatment is choice led which means your pet is able to move around or leave the treatment area should they need to. I will regularly update your primary care Veterinary surgeon.

Sports massage for canine athletes
Allow 45-60 mins

Myotherapy massage can benefit canine athletes by soothing post event muscle soreness, restoring flexibility and improving gait and balance.  At Metta massage therapy is implemented to decrease recovery time, enhance tissue healing and promote muscles to relax.  Pre and post event myotherapy techniques can be taught to the handler with the aim to maintain optimum muscular efficiency, reduce the risk of injury and reinforce the connection between the dog and the handler.

Pain management consultation

Reviewing your pet's history and tailoring a plan to help improve the quality of their life.  This plan may involve referral for physiotherapy/hydrotherapy.  I will assess current medication and I may make suggestions to your primary vet as to any adjustments which may help.

Where appropriate I also see dogs and cats with other conditions - please email for further information.

All patients must have written consent from their primary care Veterinary Surgeon before attending their first appointment. I will contact your Vet directly to attain this but due to the General Data Protection Regulation, you will need to call your Vet to give them permission to send any relevant history to me.



Metta is nextdoor to the Wye branch of Cinque Ports vets and Associate Osteopaths.  Keep an eye out for their signs from the road, park on the roadside then head on up the drive.  You will find me tucked in between the two clinics!


Please note that the parking for the clinic is on the roadside.


If you require assistance transporting your pets from the car to the clinic please let me know, I will happily help you.


5 Oxenturn Road



TN25 5BH

Telephone no. 07944 902412

email: sarah@mettapetclinic.co.uk


Tuesdays by appointment 

Wednesdays by appointment 

Fridays by appointment


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About Sarah

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My name is Sarah Bignell-Howse and I am a Veterinary Surgeon who is passionate about improving the quality of life of animals, no matter what stage in their life they are at.

I qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 2000 and I cared for patients of all shapes and sizes; continuing with my studies to gain a certificate in GP small animal medicine in 2005. 

Out of the blue in 2011 I contracted Lyme disease. Within a year I was too unwell to work so I had to step away from my patients and focus on recovery.

Over this time I obtained valuable experience of how important a holistic view is in managing chronic diseases and in the recovery of health. I utilised many rehabilitation modalities to restore myself to wellness.  It was these experiences that were the inspiration for me to refocus the direction of my clinical work towards addressing chronic pain and rehabilitation.

With this in mind I undertook a 2 year Galen™ Canine Myotherapy diploma which teaches a highly specialised form of manual therapy for dogs. Using targeted massage techniques to manage chronic muscular pain, myotherapy can improve so many conditions and is not just restricted to use with dogs.

To expand the services that I could offer my patients I completed the foundation course run by the Western Veterinary Acupuncture Group which has taught vets all around the globe how to use acupuncture applying scientific principles and prioritising safety.  I am undertaking the certificate in Chronic Pain Management for animals. 

Being able to utilise these two very different techniques means that I can tailor treatment to the individual, depending on their condition.

Metta is the practice of loving kindness and compassion to all beings and signifies everything I want to offer to my patients. 


The beautiful logo was created by my talented friend, the artist Emma Coletti.  I knew that I needed both my beloved dog and cat to become part of Metta as they taught me so much, and I wanted to incorporate a Koru, which symbolises new life and growth.  Emma took those ideas and the Metta logo was born.  (You can find Emma's beautiful work on her etsy page https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TheHeartwood?ref=shop_sugg )

I consider myself very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to create a tranquil space where I can give my sole attention to you and your pet's pain and mobility needs.