Information for Veterinary Professionals

My aim at Metta is to work with you and your client by providing acupuncture and/or myotherapy as part of a multimodal approach to pain management and rehabilitation.  Both therapies are in addition to the ongoing treatment that you are providing to your client and are carried out in a purposely designed clinic.  


An additional part of the work I do with clients involves focusing on lifestyle and environmental changes that could benefit the patient such as simple house adaptations and adjusted exercise plans.  This is a crucial piece to their ongoing management and one which when I was in General Practice I found very difficult to address thoroughly due to the time constraints placed upon us.

This is a referral service therefore all clients must have consent from you, their primary Veterinary surgeon, prior to their appointment.  No other medical or surgical treatment will be provided so clients will remain in your clinics care for their standard veterinary and emergency needs.  Any recommendations regarding diet and medication will be redirected back to your practice.    

If you would like to have a chat about the therapies that I offer or if you have a case that you want to discuss, feel free to call. 

Seeing your clients 

I will email an appointment form to you or for your convenience a form can be downloaded using the button below.   The form can be returned via email with any history, radiographs and laboratory results that you have available.

I will contact the client to arrange an appointment.

Follow up

After the initial course of treatment I will send you a referral letter outlining treatment given, response and the ongoing management plan. 


It may be appropriate to discuss with you possible changes of medication and diet that you could make plus additional therapies such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy that may be beneficial. 

I am happy to collaborate with the paraprofessionals used by your clinic.